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We are changing the way we connect

The Nodle network is a decentralized wireless network, focused on connecting IoT devices globally. The core infrastructure is the Nodle Blockchain, built on Polkadot’s Parity Substrate technologies.

The team aims is to remain small while hiring top industry experts to create the most effective and impactful technology. The team strives for security, privacy-centric designs, automatization, perfection and creativity in our work.

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Decentralization isn’t just tech, it's how we work.

How we work

  • Collaborative and supportive

  • We gravitate toward informal communication with short calls of 30 mins or less and lots of instant messaging.

  • We are concise and focused on innovation!

What we do differently

  • Remote first-company

  • Support of professional growth

  • Openness to innovation in everything we do

  • Creative problem solving

  • Freedom to think BIG

Our team member's favorites

  • Positive impact on tech/global

  • The leadership

  • Flexible work schedules

  • Groundbreaking work opportunities

Nodle Timeline


2 employees

Nodle was founded


4 employees

First Patent was approved

1st company hire was made


9 employees

HTC pre-installed the Nodle Cash app in HTC Exodus phones

Nodle showcased at TechCrunch Disrupts


10 employees

Nodle cash app (iOS release)

Nodle M1 in production launch

Parachain testnet live

Reward formula 2.0

Nodle Network reaches 6M active daily users

Blockchain migration to Polkadot on Nodle’s native blockchain


36 employees

3rd party validators join network

Nodle On-Chain Payments

WASM smart contract


Nodle PKI + Ledger

Block explorer launch

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From our employees

Hard-working, driven, passionate, and focused on shared company goals, values and mission.

Ability to innovate, push boundaries, be creative problem solvers, everyone’s passion is infectious.

I think the space provided to boldly experiment and think as big as you possibly can, while building cutting edge tech.

Everyone is passionate, good natured, supportive and brilliant in their own way.

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