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Nodle connects devices and sensors in the physical world to the internet by leveraging an existing infrastructure: smartphones.

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The consensus from economic research forecasts a total installed base of Internet-of-Things connected devices of 30 billion units by 2025, from 13.9 estimated in 2021. The consensus does not explain how to connect these devices.

The Nodle SDK turns smartphones into edge nodes in the Nodle Network. Edge nodes receive rewards for performing missions on the network, such as communicating with smart devices. The Nodle SDK is distributed through the native Nodle App and through partner mobile app publishers who participate in the Nodle Network.

Economically efficient, environmentally sustainable

Instead of deploying a new telco infrastructure – whether through base stations, with wires or in space – Nodle leverages an existing infrastructure: smartphones. Nodle creates the economic layer that enables logistics companies, IoT startups and builders to tap into the unused power of smartphones, at the price of marginal use, instead of financing a capital-extensive new hardware infrastructure.

Permissionless, scalable, evolving

Both the size and capabilities of the network evolve with demand. High demand for new capabilities translate into higher supply of edge nodes competing to be rewarded by network consumers.

Demand for new capabilities is met by nodes upgrading the SDK to accept new types of missions.

Secure and private

Blockchain infrastructure provides security and transparency about the work performed by edge nodes. Tools enabling any developer to audit the data gathered by the Nodle SDK are currently under development. Stay up to date with the Nodle roadmap.

Read Nodle’s privacy policy for more details about data collected by edge nodes. Nodle abides by the most stringent regulations, including the GDPR and CCPA.

Network usage

The network can be used through...

For IoT companies: managed services

Nodle Service Providers create abstractions on top of the chain to enable Web2 services to interact with the network. Businesses can already access asset tracking services that allow them to provision their own devices to be tracked by the network, consult the data from their devices through standard APIs, and pay for the service in USD.

Learn more about Nodle’s asset tracking service and get in touch to join the beta program.

For Web3 builders: smart missions

Smart missions are autonomous, self executing pieces of code which can be executed on the Nodle Network’s edge nodes. While the smart mission is registered on-chain, it is downloaded by edge nodes and runs at the edge on the devices before reporting back to the chain. Web3 builders can create smart missions that will be reused by customers through managed services.

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