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Nodle Cash (NODL) is the native token of the Nodle Network, with a maximum supply of 21 billion. It is a utility and governance token distributed every 6 seconds to the Nodle Network participants.

UtilityMax SupplyDistribution

A utility token

NODL is the Nodle Network's utility token. Participants receive NODL as a reward for their work. Users of the Nodle Network can pay for IoT services and interacts with Decentralized Applications with NODL. NODL holders can vote on protocol upgrades, help secure the network by staking their tokens, and more.


NODL is the native cryptocurrency of the Nodle Network. It creates an incentive for participants to come and grow the network. While participants will mainly receive NODL rewards initially, fees will outstrip the rewards in the future as demand for the Nodle Network's services grow.


The Nodle Chain has a built-in governance system in which all NODL holders have a voice. Upgrades and other proposals are coordinated on-chain and executed autonomously. This allows the community to ensure that the Nodle Chain's development better reflects its values.


Help curate the list of collators on the Nodle Chain by staking your NODL. This helps support the liveness and decentralization of the network. Good actors are rewarded thanks to transaction and protocol fees while bad actors are slashed.

A 21B max supply

The total supply of NODL cash tokens is fixed at 21 billion.

The distribution

Of the total supply, 60% is reserved for future network service and mining rewards. The current total supply is 8.5 billion, but the majority of this is locked up. The current effective floating supply of NODL is 550 million, and we expect that to grow to 2.5 billion over two years.

The future demand

The NODL total supply will flatten towards the maximum supply of 21 billion over time. As a result, the Nodle Network participants will receive less rewards. Fees will become the main incentive for participants and nodes.


What is NODL?

NODL is the native token of the Nodle Network. It is for rewards, transaction fees, payments, and governance on the Nodle Chain.

Is NODL an ERC20 token?

No, NODL is native to the Nodle Network.

What is the relationship between NODL and DOT?

There is no direct relationship between the two DOT and NODL. The Nodle Chain is built on top of the Substrate framework. DOT is the native token of the Polkadot relay chain.

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