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Nodle Cash App

We’re all nodes.
Some of us just don’t know it yet.

Earn crypto while securely powering the decentralized network of the future with just your smartphone.

Connect to earn

Get rewarded for what you already do.

Let your smartphone work for you while you earn NODL.

The Nodle app is a revolutionary way to earn crypto on your smartphone.

No additional hardware or crypto experience necessary. Simply download the Nodle app on your smartphone. Once active, the app connects to the network and you’re rewarded in NODL tokens - Nodle’s native cryptocurrency. Your smartphone is all you need to start receiving rewards.

Connect and earn today

  1. Download the app and create your Nodle wallet

  2. Turn on your Bluetooth and location sharing and stay online

  3. Once open, the app privately and securely connects to the network with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology

  4. NODL tokens are added to your wallet based on availability and connectivity

Connect to earn


No additional hardware or crypto knowledge is needed. Anyone with a smartphone can participate. Just open the app and watch the network and your NODL balance grow. It only takes 90 seconds!

Secure and Private

The Nodle app keeps users' identities secure and private. No private information is collected during onboarding. The location of the device is only used to compute rewards based on contribution to network coverage, and to locate Bluetooth devices at the request of their owners.

Power efficient

The Nodle app uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), limiting the impact on your smartphone's battery. As a result, the average consumption is only 1-3% of your daily battery.

How connect-to-earn works.

Nodes are rewarded for availability and connectivity.


The primary function of a network like Nodle is to be available where and when needed. The network is stronger when nodes are up and running in places with a demand for services.

The more your app runs, the more you earn. The more you move and explore the space around you, the more you earn for covering a larger surface area.

The app can run on screen or in the background. When in the background, the app will eventually stop. To increase rewards, the Nodle app should be open as long as possible.


Nodes get rewarded when they provide connectivity to devices around them. As the network grows, demand for services will increase. Organizations can leverage the Nodle Network to finance smart missions and reward nodes for enabling communication between the organization and its devices.

You don't have to do anything.

Just make sure the Nodle app is open on your smartphone to start generating NODL. It's a new, simple way to earn crypto.


NODL collected. Download, join, and earn.

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