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Earn cryptocurrency while securely connecting devices around you.

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Nodle Cash app is a revolutionary way to earn crypto on your smartphone. Download the app on your iPhone or Android device, launch the app, then wait. The Nodle Cash app will detect sensors and smart devices and eventually connect to them anonymously. For the service provided, the app receives Nodle Cash, also known as NODL token.

  1. Explore your city with the Nodle Cash app and connect devices and sensors to the internet. Get rewards.

  2. Get rewards. The Nodle Cash app securely connects the smart devices around you to the internet. So let your smartphone work for you while you earn Nodle Cash.

  3. Send and receive crypto. Nodle Cash (NODL) is a cryptocurrency. You can send and receive Nodle Cash with your friends and contacts.

Private and Secure

Your location and your data are never stored, the app transmits encrypted data from smart devices.

Mobile data-friendly

The amount of data transmitted is small. You can force the app to use only wifi to send the non-personal data collected to the cloud.

Power efficient

Your smartphone uses Bluetooth Low Energy, limiting the impact on your smartphone's battery. As a result, the average consumption for a normal usage should be between 1 to 3% every 24h.

Your easy way to cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is the future of money. So start earning Nodle Cash without any additional knowledge or equipment. No extra hardware is required. Unlike mining Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, there is no need to buy expensive hardware to generate Nodle Cash. Your mobile phone is all you need to start receiving rewards.

Your smartphone works for you

You don't have to perform any task. You just need to make sure the Nodle Cash app is open on your smartphone to start generating Nodle Cash. It is a new way to earn passive income.


NODL collected. Download, join, and earn Nodle Cash.

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