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Earn crypto with the Nodle SDK

A new way to monetize your app, without impacting your user experience

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Earn crypto with your app without impacting the user experience. Nodle uses smartphones with Bluetooth low energy enabled to crowdsource an IoT network. There is no personal data captured; only a few kb of data are required.

Our goal is to enable all kinds of apps to earn revenues without ads, and without having to collect user data.

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How it works

  1. IoT devices are detected by smartphones via Bluetooth Low Energy

    The Nodle SDK, embedded in your app, connects to surrounding BLE-enabled things such as parcels, city furnitures, and small devices

  2. The smartphone acts as an IoT hotspot

    The swarm of millions of smartphones create a decentralized wireless network

  3. Earn crypto, and monetize your app

    The Nodle SDK is a new, innovative way, to monetize your app. There is no impact on performance, or battery life

Why Nodle is Better

Privacy first

Advertising SDKs not only show ads but also harvest user data and share it with third parties. Unlike those SDKs, the Nodle SDK does not collect any Personal Information.

Low power

The Nodle SDK has been optimized to use very little CPU, and is extremely power efficient. There is no impact on battery life.

Low data

The Nodle SDK use very little data, significantly less data than advertising SDKs, with no visible impact on user experience.

Ready today

The Nodle SDK is embedded inside the Nodle Cash app, and it is used by many other applications globally.

Grow the Nodle network,
monetize your app

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Experience Nodle Cash

The Nodle Network is made up of millions of smartphones, with apps embedding the Nodle SDK. The network is incentivized with the NODL token, Nodle Cash, that rewards the mobile app developers, embedding the Nodle SDK.

Try the Nodle SDK with the Nodle Cash app

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