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Nodle is a connectivity provider for the Internet of Things. The company has built a Bluetooth Low Energy - powered network to help companies and cities connect and collect data from their devices, sensors, and tags.

Nodle brings an innovative solution which enables any individual to participate in the Nodle Network and in exchange to be rewarded through Nodle Cash. Up until now, the main traction is coming from app developers, today any individual will be able to mine with their Nodle mobile application. This innovation should enable the spreading and adoption of the Nodle cryptocurrency to another level.

The Nodle network rewards users based on which wireless data packets are transmitted through the network of nodes (smartphones). These packets are comparable to a beacon and are called “noodles” in Nodle internal system. Nodle may reward the first few nodes that show a new packet, paying more or less depending on the value of the packet. In order to guarantee that Nodle is faithful to its mining model, Nodle has inserted a validation protocol which guarantees the order of arrival of the beacons.

How does Nodle work?

The Nodle Network`s architecture and system design leverage what is called “The Smartphone Infrastructure”, utilizing smartphones as nodes and base stations for the network. The team at Nodle has developed an innovative way to grow the network through “proof of connectivity”. Using this method, mobile application developers and consumers compete and participate in the network by enabling their smartphones to provide resources such as wireless radio and bandwidth, and in exchange for their contribution, get rewarded with Nodle Cash.

How can the Nodle Network empower companies & organizations?

Manufacturers or operators of electronic devices can utilize the Nodle Network to collect valuable data and connect their remote devices to the Internet, and many are benefiting from it today. The Nodle Network is currently being used by Fortune 500 companies to locate their assets all over the US. Micromobility companies in the bike or scooter sharing industry also have the potential to utilize the network to improve their location tracking capabilities. The range of applications in asset tracking can go from consumer tracking devices, to Bluetooth tags that can locate pallets, goods, vehicles, and parcels.

How can the Nodle Network empower individuals?

The Nodle Network has been built to empower individuals and create atomistic competition. Every smartphone owner has the opportunity to participate. All that is required is a smartphone and a mobile application. No special investment, knowledge, or skill is necessary. Once a user has joined the community and their mobile application has launched, they can automatically participate in the Nodle Network. This participation is called “proof of connectivity.” Every rewarded coin has been minted. A summary of the proof of work is stored on InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), and is attached to the minted coin on the blockchain via a link.

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