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Everything you need for enterprise image, video and document verification. ContentSign fights fraud and assures your data remains untampered, unbreakable, and trustworthy
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When anything can be fake, proving what’s real becomes essential. In the digital world, seeing is no longer believing. As AI and manipulation reshape media, how can you be sure what we see online is real?
ContentSign changes that. Through cryptographic-based digital watermarking, we provide irrefutable proof that images, videos and documents haven't been changed from their original state.
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ContentSign is an end-to-end solution for content provenance and authenticity

It allows customers to track the origins and editing history of digital content such as documents, images, and videos. Now businesses and consumers can make important decisions with confidence, knowing the information supporting their choices is authentic and accurate.
Using cryptographic technology, ContentSign creates a tamper-proof record of the content and its ownership over time. This gives customers confidence that the content has not been altered or misattributed.
Industries such as insurance, legal, finance, journalism and education can benefit from ContentSign's solution to verify the authenticity of important digital assets.
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how contentsign works

media captured and signed by phone
ContentSign establishes provenance using cryptography and blockchain. When content is created or uploaded, it calculates a unique fingerprint of the file using C2PA hashing algorithms. This fingerprint is chained on the blockchain with a signature and ownership records.
media is currently stored
nodle blockchain
Any changes result in a new fingerprint generated per C2PA. By tracing chained fingerprints on the blockchain, the full content history can be viewed to detect alterations. ContentSign also allows locally signing files, directly adding the initial fingerprint and signature to the blockchain without an intermediary.
media is validated
This cryptographic anchoring of C2PA-compliant fingerprints on the distributed ledger provides a tamper-proof record to verify provenance and authenticity of digital assets over time. It allows confirmation that content has remained unchanged since initial creation and signing using ContentSign's C2PA technology.
contentsign for developers

Digital Trust: The easiest way to secure your content

Effortlessly integrate ContentSign's secure camera technology into your iOS, Android, or mobile web applications using our versatile Cloud-based API, mobile SDK, or on-premise solution, allowing you to equip apps with powerful verification capabilities. A simple integration lets users cryptographically sign and timestamp photos, documents and other media directly from their devices, with signed contents verifiable later as proof of authenticity and integrity. ContentSign enables trustworthy Capture-to-chain workflows across industries.

mobile sdk

Mobile App and SDK for capturing content (iOS, Android, Linux)

c2pa standard

Web interface for uploading content (coming soon)

the nodle chain

Web interface for reviewing and verifying content

verification tools

Enterprise, public blockchain for certifying content

independent 3rd parties

Embed tools for integrating signed content into your website
API for submitting and certifying content
Reference apps and documentation
The most-advanced and easiest way to secure your content

contentsign use cases

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Quickly authenticate, publish, and verify your documents using ContentSign's intuitive drag-and-drop web authentication tool. Authentication made easy for everyone!
data & files
Safely authenticate, publish, and distribute your data and files through ContentSign's user-friendly drag-and-drop web authentication tool. Empower your organization to safeguard their assets effectively!
images & videos
Effortlessly sign and authenticate your images and videos with ContentSign's streamlined media solution. Capture, sign, and share media seamlessly!
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about nodle

The Nodle Network is a decentralized physical infrastructure network used to verify real-world data. Use cases include IoT validation via Bluetooth signals and attestation of photos and video. Nodle Chain is energy-efficient, secure, and built on Polkadot, one of its leading Parachains with $2.8B staked.
Micha Anthenor Benoliel
Co-founder & CEO
garrett kinsman
eliott teissonniere
Co-founder & cto
content authenticity initiative logo
Nodle partnered with Adobe's Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) to bring the C2PA standard to NFTs for secure image provenance and verification. The team has developed SDKs that protect against manipulation via obfuscation and encryption.
C2PA stands for the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity. The group was created to develop technical standards for certifying the source and history (or provenance) of media content to address the prevalence of misleading information online.
The coalition is composed of many industry leaders including Adobe, Arm, Intel, and Microsoft. Recently, Nodle joined Adobe's Content Authenticity Initiative and the C2PA working group to help define new industry standards for image and video attestation.
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