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Get rewarded for powering our decentralized network by turning your phone into a node
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The Nodle app is a revolutionary way to earn crypto on your phone. No additional hardware or crypto experience necessary

Simply download the Nodle app on your phone. Once active, the app connects to the network and you’re rewarded in NODL tokens - Nodle’s native cryptocurrency. Your phone is all you need to start receiving rewards.

Get rewarded for what you already do. Let your smartphone work for you while you earn NODL

Earn on the go! Wherever you are. It's a new, simple way to earn crypto.

how to use

Connect and earn


Download the app and create your Nodle wallet

Get the Nodle app on your smartphone, and effortlessly create a new Nodle wallet with just one click! A wallet is essential for receiving and managing rewards.


Turn on your Bluetooth and location sharing and stay online

Simply activate Bluetooth and grant location permission to begin earning. Afterward, keep the Nodle app active on your phone for maximum NODL token rewards.


Track your rewards in real-time within the app

Easily keep monitoring your rewards and network contribution metrics directly within the app. This data empowers you to analyze your rewards and fine-tune app settings or usage for optimal rewards.


No additional hardware or crypto knowledge is needed. Anyone with a smartphone can participate. Just open the app and watch the network and your NODL balance grow. It only takes 90 seconds!

Secure and Private

The Nodle app keeps users' identities secure and private. No private information is collected during onboarding. The location of the device is only used to compute rewards based on contribution to network coverage, and to locate Bluetooth devices at the request of their owners.


The Nodle app uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), limiting the impact on your smartphone's battery. As a result, the average consumption is up to 10-15% of your daily battery.
how connect-to-earn works

Nodes are rewarded for




For networks like Nodle, being accessible whenever and wherever needed is essential. A robust network relies on active nodes that are constantly ready to serve users. Keep the app working around the clock to ensure the network is available and to earn rewards.
Each node in the Nodle network continuously scans for Bluetooth devices to establish connectivity. Once detected, data from these devices is transmitted to the backend for processing. To optimize connectivity for nearby Bluetooth devices, ensure that your phone is connected to the internet and that Bluetooth is enabled.
A larger network coverage enhances its utility by offering services in more locations. Expand network coverage by sharing your current location with the app when you move. If you have multiple phones, keep them across in places to increase coverage and maximize rewards.

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