The Digital Trust Network for Social Good
The Nodle network connects the world by using smartphones as nodes to create a digital trust network for social good.
Nodle is a smartphone-based decentralized physical infrastructure (DePIN) powering critical applications for authenticating media content, locating assets or proving location.


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The Nodle network is decentralized, secure, private and scalable. Anyone with a smartphone can participate in the Nodle network.

Latest news

13 JUN
Nodle Partners with Massive to Allow Nearly Half a Million Active Nodle Users to Participate in the AI Economy
Nodle is entering a strategic partnership with Massive, a 100% opt-in peer-to-peer network designed to unlock the public web. This month, Massive will deploy a smart mission in Nodle’s apps leveraging Nodle's growing user base of hundreds of thousands of monthly active users (MAU). Initially launched in beta on iOS, it is expected to be fully deployed on both Android and iOS by July. Through this smart mission, Massive will reward Nodle app users in exchange for the internet connectivity provided by their smartphones.
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21 MAY
Nodle Partners with Hayden AI to Enhance Data Security
Nodle will work with Hayden AI to explore opportunities to deploy its ContentSign authentication technology to fortify Hayden AI’s chain of custody process and help enhance data security. Hayden AI is currently the US market leader in mobile automated bus lane, bus stop, and bike lane enforcement.
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15 MAY
Everything you need to know about Nodle’s Token (NODL) on zkSync
The Nodle token is now on zkSync Era mainnet, and will be coming soon to Ethereum Mainnet. Here’s everything you need to know for a smooth transition. Be sure to see our FAQs too.
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