Turn your old phone into Nodle Hotspot

The Nodle Hotspot is a free app for earning cryptocurrency by transforming your old or secondary smartphones into a dedicated Nodle hotspot.

The Nodle Hotspot app brings an innovative solution that gives a second life to old Android phones, contributes to the reduction of the e-waste problem, and enables anyone to participate in the Nodle network to earn rewards.

how to use

Turn your old phone into Nodle Hotspot in 3 easy steps


Install hotspot app

Install hotspot app on your secondary Android phone


Configure hotspot

Once installed, open the Nodle Hotspot app and follow the instructions to configure the hotspot.


Connect hotspot

Open the Nodle app on your primary phone, go to Settings > Hotspots to connect your hotspot.

Be in control of your rewards 24/7

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Seamless Integration
Connect your Nodle hotspot device with the main Nodle app, which serves as a controller for managing and configuring your hotspots.
Continuous earning
Earn crypto 24/7 by keeping the app up and running on the hotspot device.
centralized management
Use your main Nodle app to control and monitor your hotspots right from your primary phone, making it simple to keep track of all of them.
privacy from start

We always care about your privacy

The location of your device is only used to compute your rewards based on your contribution to network coverage and locate Bluetooth devices at the request of their owners. You don't need to register with your email and provide your personal information to use the app. All you need to do is create a wallet, which is totally anonymous.

No impact on your smartphone

The Nodle Hotspot app is designed to be installed on a device that remains in the same location 24/7 with continuous power and internet connectivity. The app is very data mobile-friendly. The amount of data transmitted is small. You can force the app to use only WiFi to send the data collected to the cloud.

Turn your old phone into Nodle Hotspot