Nodle Token

Nodle Cash (NODL) is the native token of the Nodle Network. It is a utility and governance token distributed to the Nodle Network participants by the Nodle Chain.

NODL represents a quantification of the utility provided by edge nodes to network users. In the first phase of the network, the main utility shared through the network is connectivity for smart devices.

As such, NODL can be seen as first as a quantification of the value of the bandwidth, and the value of renting the computing, storage, and bluetooth capability of the phone.

Nodle Chain

The Nodle Chain is Polkadot's 11th Parachain powering the Nodle Network. It is used to settle network incentives and contracts in the form of Nodle Cash ($NODL), as well as run some upcoming decentralized applications building atop the Network. It is built with the Parity Substrate framework and is available upon an open source license.

Explore the chain on Subscan.


We will soon roll out more details on our staking feature and allow independent nodes to become a collator on our Solochain / Parachain. We are still fine-tuning the final details and running an audit, so make sure to follow us on Twitter to know when this happens!
nodle token

A 21B max supply

The total supply of NODL tokens is fixed at 21 billion. Upon migration of Nodle Cash to its native blockchain in 2020, 60% remains unminted and 24% is in a treasury under control of the Nodle governance council of token holders. The treasure aims to stimulate the growth of the Nodle ecosystem.
Unminted tokens
team (4 year vesting)
early investors (1-2 year lock)


The 12.6 billion remaining tokens are periodically issued to reward edge nodes (phones running the SDK), network operators (agents operating the network and the oracles ensuring edge nodes behave properly), and collators for their participation in the network. The issuance follows a predictable S-curve. Read more

Missions at the edge

Smart missions stem from a pool of use cases broadly described as swarm computing. The network is primarily used by the IoT industry, leveraging nodes to provide connectivity to smart devices at the edge. The network is also seeing developments to leverage its ability to connect things with people: the owners of the phones acting as the nodes. Read more


Read more about the Nodle token, including genesis and current distribution, the issuance model, and the reward mechanism.