The Digital Trust Network for Social Good
The Nodle network connects the world by using smartphones as nodes to create a digital trust network for social good.
Nodle is a smartphone-based decentralized physical infrastructure (DePIN) powering critical applications for authenticating media content, locating assets or proving location.


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The Nodle network is decentralized, secure, private and scalable. Anyone with a smartphone can participate in the Nodle network.

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15 MAY
Everything you need to know about Nodle’s Token (NODL) on zkSync
The Nodle token is now on zkSync Era mainnet, and will be coming soon to Ethereum Mainnet. Here’s everything you need to know for a smooth transition. Be sure to see our FAQs too.
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Democratizing Media: Nodle's Integration with Filecoin
In today’s digital age, where misinformation spreads like wildfire–and the trustworthiness of the media is regularly scrutinized–ensuring the authenticity of images and videos has become increasingly vital. Nodle is stepping up to the challenge by integrating Filecoin, the leading decentralized storage platform built on InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). Nodle is also migrating to zkSync, a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. These moves aim to further decentralize data storage and enhance reliability, particularly through its Click camera app.
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Nodle and Watu Use Blockchain to Help Boda Boda Riders in Africa
Watu, an asset financing company enabling entrepreneurs across Africa, has entered into a strategic partnership with Nodle to develop innovative IoT services that leverage Nodle's DePIN. To start, Nodle will leverage its DePIN to enhance the asset locations of Watu's fleet of two and three-wheeler motorbikes (called boda boda in East Africa).
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